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Zamxus is one of Bardock`s Character in his 1º Timeline.


The story starts with Zamxus entering the 26º World Martial Arts Tournament.He has an encounter with Zamxus, his rival. In the end he loses, and starts training alone.

While Training Zamxus suddenly appears on Namek. Zamxus encounters Bardock, who tells him the situation. He destroys Chrome, a robotic Frost Demon, and Bardock kills Frost.

He then returns to Earth, to his training.

During the 3 year timeskip, Zamxus has his first son, Zamxik.

After the 3 years, Zamxus arrives on West City, just in time to save Tien, throwing a Demon Explosive Wave at #5. He then destroys #6, with a well placed Masenko. Then a new android appear, and Zamxus, Ligares and Tien fight it, while Catcha and Bardock follow #5, the latter fleeing the scene. Zamxus throws a Special Beam Canon at #0, with no effect, only to be blasted to the ground. When he wakes up, he is already at the Lookout, waiting for Bardock and Catcha.

5 Years Later, he arrives in time along with Tien, to save Catcha. He witnesses the death of Tien by the hands of Romanesco. He goes toe to toe with Romanesco, only to be defeated. As a last resource, he turns into a giant namekian, stomping on Romanesco. However, Romanesco simply, blasts his wholle leg of, and then proceeds to kill Zamxus. Three Months later he is brought back to life.

9 months after defeating Romanesco, he enters the 30º World Martial Arts Tournament, easily going trough the preliminaries. He wins his first match against Fasha, by creating an air pressure that throws her off the ring. In his second match, however, he gives up, as he did not want to suffer another humiliation at the hands of Bardock


Zamxus has been able to master the Kaioken X50. He has also shown he is able to grow into a giant!