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Tien is a character in Bardock´s 1º Timeline.


Before meeting Bardock, Tien and his family had been travelling trough space, and landed on Planet Plant. While there, the tuffles happily greeted them, and Tien lived among them for most of his childhood! 

However the Saiyans soon attacked and killed Tien`s family, along with many Tuffles. Tien ran into a spacepod and blasted into space. After turning 18 Years Old, he returns to Planet Plant, now Planet Vegeta, where he confronts and kills King Soyanu. However his son, Gerkin, easily beats Tien, and aprisions him in the dungeon of the Saiyan Castle.

Today, Tien is chosen by Bardock to go on a mission, and while travelling trough Planet Vegeta he understands Bardock is no regular Saiyan. Soon, they find Ligares, the Legendary Super Saiyan and face him, but lose the first round. After a bit of strugle Bardock takes Ligares, and disapears. While Tien waits for his return, he sets his mind on returning to the castle, but is soon stoped as Bardock returns. Tien decides to go live on Earth and departs with Bardock, back on Earth, Tien hears about Master Fang-Lu, and during the 3 Year Timeskip trains with him.

After those 3 years, Tien arrives in West City because of the Androids attack and insantly destroys one of them. Tien is blasted, shortly after, and falls to the ground. While uncoscious Tien is saved from certain Death by Zamxus, after he wakes up he uses his Tri-Beam to injure #6, and Zamxus finishes him. After #7`s destruction, and the escape of #5, Android #0 appears and Tien, along with Ligares and Zamxus, stays behind to fight him. THe three of them are outmatched and both Zamxus and Tien are knocked to the floor. Again, while uncoscious, Tien is  brought to Korin`s tower, waking up, to find everyone is alright and the Androdis have been destroyed.

5 Years After The batle against the androids, Tien and Zamxus arrive at Baba´s desert to help figth off Romanesco, however Tien is killed by the Romanesco and is unable to help. Three Months after the others defeating Romanesco, Tien is brought back to life, with the Dragon Balls.

9 Months after defeating Romanesco, Tien enters the 30º WMAT, along with the rest of the Z-Fighters. He wins his first round against his master, Fang-Lu, and is schedchulled to face Haras in the second round!