Master Fang-Lu

Master Fang-Lu

Fang-Lu is a character belonging to Bardock. He is in his 1º Timeline.


Before meeting Bardock, Fang-Lu killed Coolage, the eldest son of Frost, and ripped most of his body out, making a makeshift armor of it, becoming a mortal enemy to all Frost Demons.

In present day, Fang-Lu enters the 26º World Martial Arts Tournament, where he meets his next student, Bardock. He loses his match against him, telling him to come find Fang, when he needs to train. Later, Fang trains Bardock to the point where he masters the Kaioken completely.

He is mentioned to have trained Tien during the 3 year Timeskip, betwen the Planet Vegeta Saga and The Androids Saga.