Bardock - The Admin

Bardock is the admin and creator of The Dragon Ball Timelines RPG.

He controls everything from posts to members.

==About Bardock==

He`s a male, his birthday is 16/2, he joined the RPG at 17/10/2012, when it was created. He is currently making his 1º Timeline.


The characters used by Bardock until now (1º Timeline) are:


Primary Characters: Bardock; Zamxus; Master Fang-Lu; Tien; Ligares; Bardares (Fusion); Catcha; Raditz; Vegeta; Kakarot; Haras;

Secondary Characters: Dende; Mr. Popo; Saiyan King Gerkin; Fasha; Klen; Cargo; Zamxik;

Figurants: Korin; Saiyan Guard; Many Yardratians; Random Capsule Corp seller; Tutepo; Shugesh; Chu Chu; Son Gozex; Hadoken; Bangol;


Emperor Frost; Kcodrab; Romanesco; Android #5; #6; #7;#0; Maldesu; Boysenberry; Enforcer Team; Project Raider; Kortex; Chrome;


Bardock was actually going to create a One Piece RPG, but he decided that a Dragon Ball RPG would suit him better.